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Adventure Land

Adventure Land (ADL) is a natural multi-purpose area offering new training facilities, as well as a thoughtful SUV & off-road terrain, an asphalted rallye track and other asphalt and grass areas. The area is used year-round and is also ideal for corporate events, team-building, training courses, themed courses, tests or events for the public. Events need not necessarily car-centered. In the past, we organised also tactical airsoft events, cross-runs, go-cart races and trainings, various children's competitions and much more ...

Event location: Vrchbělá / Bělá pod Bezdězem / Central Bohemia / approx. 65 km from Prague (45 minutes by car).

The complex is only 15 kilometres from Mladá Boleslav and the D10 motorway in the municipality of Bělá pod Bezdězem. The whole site is surrounded by woods, offering a view of Bezděz-Castle. The complex offers advertising possibilities for year-round partners on classic (billboards), banners, flags or printed flyers and advertising flyers, which are laid out directly in the training room or the catering tent. Accommodation in cooperation with the nearby hotels (Hotel Port Doksy, Hotel Sand Martin Golf resort Mladá Boleslav, etc.)



The complex consists of extensive asphalt and grass areas and a natural SUV & off-road terrain. A matter of course is a training room equipped with up-to-date sound and video equipment and an adequate social background. A corresponding background can be provided for your event - tailored exactly to your requirements (tents, showers, a mobile test site, attractions as desired and much more). The background offers off-road vehicles, side-by-side buggies, quads, custom-built rallye-vehicles and other equipment — constantly maintained and supplemented by us.



Adventure Land Bělá and its employees have been preparing various social, sports and entertainment events for clients from various trade and service sectors for more than 20 years. We have organised various workshops, congresses, company meetings and presentations for journalist, VIP clients or the general public.  We train sellers of new cars or professional drivers in off-road driving, but we also organise numerous other than "off-road styled” events ...

Yes, off-roaders, quads, dust, sand, mud and dirt... that’s what we are really good at, because our experience and possibilities are those of other similar agencies. With these events, we can (exclusively!) exclusively a drive (also as a passenger) with some of the special custom-built vehicles, which are hardly offered by other agencies. With our modern-lifestyle approach, our agency organises more and more outdoor events, which are not associated with cars and horsepower. That's why Adventure Land offers events that will satisfy even fans of other activities

We ensure and guarantee those events virtually as a full-service package, comprising all activities, photography and video from the particular event, PR down to the the gifts for the clients.

Letting the area of ADL Bělá

This complex can be hired incl.  background facilities - to companies as well as other agencies Under the contractual terms and conditions For agencies and long-term cooperations we can offer really interesting discounts.


Closest future

In the summer of 2018, we built and modernised the entire background of this complex, i.e. from the washrooms, via the clubroom down to the office and storage areas. Now we are in the process of building a rallye-cross training track. We would also like to have the track certified for races.  We also organize a series of runs under the name X-RUN Bělá. These races will regularly attract hundreds of enthusiastic runners and their fans. A matter of course are company events, trainings and other events for the public. The area is traditionally used by leading Czech rallye teams for testing purposes. The Škoda Motorsport work team also regularly tests its cars here.


Advertising space(s) and partnerships

The complex has still available advertising space, which can currently be leased for a longer period. For our long-term partners, we are currently preparing an interesting package offer for joint activities. The partnership combines the leasing of advertising space, the holding of joint events, PR, advertising on websites and other benefits that come with long-term cooperation. Certain areas will be dedicated for the short-term rental of advertising space. We would like to discuss the details of such cooperation personally.

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